Principal's Desk

Dr. Ramegowda


Dear Members of Universal Family:

Every Child on earth born free with infinite boundary, equal intelligent and capable enough to achieve the top position in the society by acquiring the best education. We are responsible to make every child as the best educated person because all parents will provide a Simcard with 4 year validity only to get B.E degree.

Technical Education designated as B.E is the backbone of every nation. It is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation. S.S.D.J.J.P Sangha ( R ) has been contributing a lot in the mission of transforming rural India into developed nation by running Babubali College of Engineering(BCE) at Shravanabelogola,Hassan Dist.

The Shravanabelogola is a well known place as Jaina Kashi in the world map with lord Bahubali situated in Vindyagiri Hills.BCE is running with blessings of Holiness Karmayogi Sri Sri Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Pujya Swamiji with motto of "Service to Human being is Service to God".

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the creative world of BCE which has very eco-friendly campus and is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure. We have well equipped labs, workshops and libraries to help students in attaining highest standards in academics, research and professional skills. The campus has adequate sports infrastructure to take care of Sports and recreational activities giving the empowerment for all round development.

Creating better human beings' is our motto and we do that through moulding our students to be good human beings with values which are embedded for life. We aim to provide an overall development that nurtures them towards becoming strong and focused human beings. The institution seeks to provide soft skills and educational skills for every student at the campus itself through its Training and Placement cell.

The main focus of the Institution is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both at the academic level of Engineering and in the highly competitive global industrial market. The infrastructure facilities and state-of-the-art equipments combined with a galaxy of competent, talented and dedicated faculty contribute to an enjoyable and an easy learning experience with aim that "Synthesis unrelated to science is empty and Prediction unexplained by basics is blind".

Engineering is act of decision making under uncertain premises and conditions. Hence the special emphasis is on Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Experiential Learning. The academic activities concentrate on helping the students to gain an excellent theoretical knowledge base and in the development of skills to implement them. We constantly review our set up to update and improve to make sure that students gain thinking skills, analytical frameworks, entrepreneurial skills, interpersonal and communication skills with motto that "A desire can change nothing, a decision can change something but a determination can change everything".

In BCE, it is believed and practiced that excellence is a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institute has made deep forays into contributing world renowned technocrats, successful entrepreneurs, competent leaders, innovative scientists and researchers. The ulterior objective is that "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Moreover, discipline which is a non-negotiable factor in a student's life in our campus, inculcates the values of time management and punctuality. Emotional intelligence, which has now become a critical prerequisite for any employee, is nurtured through full fledged value education classes and regular counseling sessions. Industry Academia network includes interaction with top corporate managers and guest lectures by visiting professors to facilitate a smooth campus to corporate transition for the students and to enhance their employability quotient.

I am confident that the college, with its rich legacy, will continue to shape the future of the young minds of our country and transform their potential into successful careers resulting in national development with main objective of Spirituality does not come from religion but it shall come from our souls.

We wish the best for all our students, and the members of the institution who reiterate their aims at providing the best in academic and extra-curricular fields. We must believe that success is inevitable where these exist- Foresightedness, Firm Determination, Hard work and Discipline. Principal,

Principal,Dr.Ramegowda,Member of Universal family,

BCE, Shravanabelagola,

Hassan Dist, Karnataka, INDIA


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Postal Address: Bahubali College of Engineering, Gommatanagar, Shravanabelagola, Hassan District, Karnataka- 573135, INDIA. Mail Address: principal_bce@yahoo.com